Game modes

List of all game modes in cRPG.
Two teams fight against each other. Players have only one life per round and respawn when one of the teams was eliminated.
One team has to capture the flag inside a castle within a certain time while the other team fights them off. Killed attackers respawn immediately, defenders with a short delay.
Rageball is a football like game mode where the focus is on playing the ball and scoring goals with occasional fighting going on. You can find more information in the guide.
Defend the Virgin
In this co-op game mode your team has to protect the voluptuous virgin Vivi. Each round consists of three waves of enemies and every round gets more challenging with tougher enemies.
In this game mode players compete in a virtual world. Embattle an army, forge a plan and conquer the land. Take a look at what is going on over there.
Challenge other players to a duel and work your way to the top of the duel ladder.